What Is The Best Way To Enlarge My Penis? – Traction Devices.

Increase Penis Length With Traction Devices

There are many ways to achieve a larger Penis, A confusing amount of different products, pills and potions are available for men to buy.

So what is the most effective way of getting the penis that we have dreamed of ?

We have looked at the various methods available and in this article we look at traction devices

Traction Devices

These are a modern take on an age old method of stretching the penis. Years ago it was done by literally hanging weights from the penis, this method was painful, potentially dangerous and not very effective. The modern day traction devices work on a similar but far more controlled method.

Worn on the penis, the device exerts a permanent but gentle stretching pressure on the penis, as the penis is subjected to the stretching pressure, gradually the cells within the penis tissue tear and duplicate, thus increasing skin tissue and in turn the bulk and size of the penis itself.

Very much as a body builder gains muscle bulk by exercising in the gym, this pressure put onto the penis will result in permanent growth.

Results will determine on the actual time spent using the device, but increases of around 2” In length along with a substantial increase in thickness or girth are commonplace, and usually take around 4 – 6 months to achieve.

So What Is The Best Traction Device.

Three of the best Traction devices available are the devices made by

Male Edge

Size Genetics

Jes Extender

We have looked at these three traction devices, they all work in the same way, offering similar benefits to the user.

Size Genetics Device

Probably the most well known of the three, the size genetics device is a type 1 medical device that is backed up with numerous testimonials and intensive medical backing.

This device has also been the subject of the media, being featured on several programmes (including channel 4’s Jonathon Ross show and extreme male beauty) and various publications.

The manufacturers well thought out website is packed with information, videos and pictures demonstrating the effects of the device.

They offer a six month guarantee, and provide customers with an easy to access customer service both by email and phone.

Several different options are available to buy, the basic starter model retails at around £235 with the full package (which includes bonus items such as exercise dvds and other useful freebies) for sale at around £262.00.

All deliveries are sent out in discreet packaging, the makers will ship worldwide.

Visit Size Genetics Website


Possibly the original design of modern day extending devices, made by a Danish company, the JesExtender was originally devised from a specialist medical device used to support penises after surgery.

Now in their 14th Year, Jes Extender boast over 250,000 satisfied users worldwide.

They offer full medical backing and testimonials on their website, They were the first to back up the effectiveness of their product by offering a ‘Double your money back guarantee’, quite simply they promise that if after following the program you haven’t achieved any gain in length that they will refund twice your purchase price.

They proudly state on their website that they have not had one claim under this guarantee.

Slightly more affordable, their prices start at € 179 for the basic model through to €349 for the top of the range model.

For our money the best buy would be The ‘Original Extender’ at €199

As with Size Genetics the company offer discreet wordwide shipping.

Visit JesExtender Website

Male Edge

Male Edge is the new generation of Penis extender devices, made by a sister company of JesExtender, the brief to the design team was to develop the already successful design of JesExtender into a more comfortable, easy to use device with a more contemporary feel.

We feel that they have delivered on this brief, the product looks great, it is backed with medical backing and the results of clinical trials.

The device is sold with a double money back guarantee similar to the JesExtender. When purchased, the device comes with automatic membership of an interactive training program, a users forum and members club. Results and advice can be shared between users worldwide which can be really helpful with your enhancement program.

In light of the current economic downturn, the Male Edge device is most certainly the best value for money, starting at €130 rising to €169 it really is a product to consider.

Visit Male Edge Website

What is Best??

Well overall they are all fantastic products, however we were really taken with the contemporary styling of the Male Edge Device, Its a great re-design of an established and effective product and the price is certainly more affordable than the others.

The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended in any way to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.