What Is The Best Kind Of Penis Extender

What Penis Device Do I Choose

 There Are Two Types Of Penis Device – What One Is Right For Me

Anyone considering lengthening their penis will no doubt know that there are two main types of device – A traction device and a vacuum pump. Both provide similar results, but are very different in their design, function and purpose.

Here Is Your Easy To Follow Guide That Should Help You Choose The Right One For You,


Traction Device – A mechanically operated device that uses gentle traction to increase penile length and girth

Vacuum Pump – Balloon shaped device that uses the power of vacuum to generate larger, often longer lasting erections. Regular use can promote increased length and girth.

vacuum device

Developed For

Traction Device – Primarily developed for providing permanent penis enlargement, but highly effective at correcting penile curvature (peyronies disease) and erection problems.

Vacuum Pump – Commonly used to treat and correct erectile dysfunction, can help treat curvature and generate increased length with regular use

How They Work

Traction Device – These devices work by applying traction (pulling power) along the length of the penis, following the same methods as used by doctors when lengthening or straightening stunted or injured limbs, the constant pressure causes internal cells to divide and duplicate, resulting in increased mass, enabling the penis to grow in length and often girth – any attained growth is permanent.

penis traction device in situ

Vacuum Device – Place the penis under pressure by forming a vacuum. This vacuum draws ever increasing amounts of blood into the penis, resulting in visibly larger and usually longer lasting erections. Initially the increased size disperses as the erection subsides, but with regular use, the increases in length can become permanent.

vacuum pump in position

How Long Before I See Results

Traction Device – Achieving maximum gains will take commitment and time, the devices need to be worn for several hours each day (preferably overnight whenever possible) an initial increase of around ½” is often seen after about 2 weeks, but with time and commitment, increases in length of up to 3” are commonplace. This will take in the region of 6 months.

Vacuum Device – Simple to use and will bring on a visibly enlarged (and longer lasting) erection within 2-3 minutes. Permanent gains in length are possible, but the device needs to be used daily for about 20 minutes for around 6 months for maximum increases.

Safety Record

Traction Device – Used by doctors worldwide, should not cause any side effects or problems if used as directed

Vacuum Device – Bit of a mixed safety record, those that use water to support the penis are generally safe to use- there have been no reported cases of any harm or side effects resulting from using these kind of pumps.

Those pumps that rely on just a vacuum in air have however been known to cause cellular and tissue damage along with twisting when over-pressurised, so taking care when using these kind of pumps is crucial.

How Do Prices Compare

Traction Device – buy the best device that you can afford, prices usually range between £120 and £300. Look for a device that has medical approval and preferably classed a as type one medical device (there a few on the market), avoid devices that use a simple silicone loop to hold the head of the penis, as these are prone to causing discomfort. Choose one that offers varying comfort options, as these will make wearing the device for extended periods of time easier – the time worn is crucial – the longer, the better the results

Vacuum Device – Generally cheaper than traction devices, a good device would cost from £75 upwards. Choose a device that uses water as these are generally regarded as more efficient and are definately safer.

What Device Is Right For Me

This will depend on your main goal… If you are concerned with erection difficulties, then plump for the vacuum pump, if size or curvature is a problem, then the traction device is probably the best option.

Both devices can and will provide permanent increases in length, for best results however, we do recommend traction devices.

Recommended Devices

Choosing a device that suits you is not always easy,to help you choose, working from our extensive research, we can recommend two devices that you can have a look at:

Traction Device

size genetics

The device made by Size Genetics is the current market leader, it was the first ever device developed specifically for the treatment of Peyronies disease and to generate permanent penis enlargement. Proven and recommended by the medical community,it is one of only a handful of devices to be officially classed as a type one medical device.

Proven to provide gains of up to 3″ in length along with an increase in girth

Size Genetics starts at around £130 and all orders are supplied with a full 6 month cash back guarantee

More About Size Genetics

Vacuum Device – Penomet make an effective vacuum device that is perfect for treating those who suffer with erectile dysfunction, using water to protect and cushion the penis while under vacuum.


Enlarged erection results are visible immediately but at first will revert as the penis loses the erection.

Using the Penomet device for around 20 minutes per day can generate permanent penis growth of up to 2″over a period of up to 6 months

Penomet starts at £79 and at 60 days is currently is offering a lengthy cash back guarantee.

More About Penomet Vacuum Devices





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