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Hair loss has been in the media quite recently, with Footballers Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney, all paying out thousands for hair transplants, TV bad Guy Jason Gardiner also revealed a new head of hair live on TV after spending over £20,000 on hair transplant treatments.

Male pattern baldness is another name for androgenetic alopecia, thought to affect around 80% of all men over 45 years old to varying degrees.

Usually occurring due a mixture of genetics and hormonal changes, Male pattern baldness is usually recognised by a receding hairline and thinning at the crown.

The most common reason for the onset of male pattern baldness is due to hormones, in particular a form of testosterone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). If the levels of DHT increase, the molecules attach them selves to the hair follicles, this gradually starves the follicles of the nutrients needed to stimulate hair growth.

The follicles will start to produce consistently weaker and thinner hairs until they actually stop producing hair growth at all.

Gradually the number of hair follicles failing begins to get noticed along the hairline, the crown will begin to thin as will the hair on the top of the head. Rather interestingly, the hair on the sides of the head are more resistant to DHT, hence the hair tends to stay growing in those positions.

This pattern is indicative of male pattern baldness caused by DHT, other hair loss problems such as Folliculitis make totally different patterns and cannot be confused with MPB.

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DHT Treatments

The development of chemical based DHT inhibitors have, on the back of clinical development and testing demonstrated just how effective they are in the treatment and prevention of male pattern baldness.

Nature has also developed its own effective DHT reducers, ingredients like Saw Palmetto Berry, Pumpkin seed oil and Nettle root have all demonstrated just how effective they are in reducing the effects of excess DHT.

Ideally to be truly effective, a hair treatment should address both factors involved in hair loss, ie both the DHT factor and the general condition of the hair and follicles, a good mix of vitamins and minerals along with proven DHT reducing ingredients.

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There are some rather good products that encompass all the above points, one such product is Profollica, made in the USA ( currently the #1 product in the USA) and now available to UK and European sufferers,

Profollica offers a proven track record of preventing MPB and encouraging hair regrowth.

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