What Are Man Boobs (Gynaecomastia)

Can I Get Rid Of Man Boobs

A problem that can man boobseffect men of all ages, is Gynaecomastia, more commonly known as ‘man boobs’, it is caused by excess tender tissue forming under the nipples., When it occurs in puberty, it is often caused by a hormone imbalance which rights itself quite quickly, it can also effect men as they get older.

Sometimes in rare cases, taking certain medication and anabolic steroids can bring gynaecomastia on, and in occasional cases it could be caused by a tumour.

Some men and boys have extra fat on their chests that give the impression that they have breasts, this is known as ‘false gynecomastia’. This is simply due to being overweight that forms excess fat tissue on the chest, the only way to reduce this is by eating healthily and taking exercise.

When man boobs occurs in an adult man, the problem is often caused by the pituitary gland, treatment is usually buy oral suppgynexinlements that will work to reduce the extra breast tissue. In severe cases, surgery can be required.

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