Pomegranate – The Elixir Of Youth


Improve Sex Life, Reduce Stress And Fight Heart Disease With Pomegranate


A recent clinical study costing over £2 million has showed that taking a dose of Pomegranate every day can have wide reaching effects on your health and life in general.

pomegranate helps erectionsThe study that involved 60 volunteers carried out over a month as centered around a daily capsule that contained an extract of the whole fruit (peel, pith and seeds).

What Did the Study Involve

Half the subjects were given a pomegranate capsule, the other half a look alike placebo pill, and doctors monitored the chemical activity in the bodies of both groups

They found a dramatic drop in the markers associated with cell damage, which can cause problems such as reduced liver, kidney, brain and muscle function, other reductions were the ageing effects of the skin.

His until now unknown benefit of daily doses of pomegranate has been shown to prevent the oxidation of the DNA in cells that usually occurs over time.

The benefits are best obtained from supplements that contain all parts of the fruit, not just the juice (which is already known to be beneficial to health)

The marker is called 8-Oxo-DG which was found in the subject’s urine samples, it is associated with damage that is caused to the cells DNA by many chemicals both in the environment and in the food that we eat.

 Pomegranate has long been associated with certain health benefits, in particular de-toxing the body of harmful free radicals that can cause bloating and lethargy, it also has proven Viagra like properties in that it can boost the nitric oxide in the body, alowing blood vessels to dilate, allowing a greater flow of blood to the extremities which can give a substantial boost to erections.

Products Containing Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a key ingredient in certain male health products, two of which are the fast acting Erection Gel called Instant Performer  and Top Penis Enhancement Pill Male Extra.

Both have been proven to help men with erection difficulties and reduced sex drive.

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