Exercise Your Way To A Longer Penis

Penis Exercising, Does It Work

The Internet is plagued with hundeds of websites, email marketing campaigns offerimg the men of the world an easy route to Penis Enlargement, dodgy scams coming from junk email try to entice men to part with their money with no real idea or proof of what they are buying. There are of course in the middle of all this, good reliable companies offering a reliable service and product.

In truth a lot of men do not actually believe that these products work, and simply dismiss this treatment as a mythman thinking even though they do not know the truth or the facts about Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement exercises have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years, ancient tribes have hung weights off of various parts of their anatomy to lengthen or stretch them right to this day.

One of the oldest methods of lengthening a penis comes from Arabic tribes, these techniques were developed as part of their nomadic male culture, they were used to ready the youg males for sexual contact and often to raise their esteem within the tribe. For years men only believed in stretching the penis by using weights or other stretching techniques, however these tribes have showed us how to do it with our bare hands.

How Does Penis Health Work

The reason that exercises work is quite simple, we are all aware of the benefit and results achieved by attending a gym and working out, as we test and use our muscles against resistance, they are stimulated which in turn makes the muscles increase in size to enable them to cope with the ever increasing effort involved. Furthermore as we increase the effort required by adding larger weights or the resistance, the muscles will keep growing.

The Penis is just like other parts of the body, repeated exercise such as the ones detailed by Penishealth will enable the body to increase the tissue cells within the penis, which will in turn naturally enlarge both the length and the girth accordingly.

The most well known exercises are called Jelqing, often practised by the Arabic tribes as mentioned above, they usejelqing pic milking movements to increase blood flow through the internal tissues of the penis, these will in time force the tissues to expand and subsequently increase the size of the penis both when flacid and erect.

A study was made in the US by a Dr Brian Richards through the 1970’s and it was determined that these jelqing exercises resulted in an increased length and girth in over 90% of his patients. The results did vary from individual to individual but it has been well documented that a gain of an inch was a regular occurence.


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It comes down to this – If honest with themselves all men would wish for an extra 1 or 2 inches in length, now with a little bit of effort and a few minutes a day it could come true!!!



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