Penis Enhancement Pills or Exercises – Whats Best

Penis Enlargement Pills – Are There Any Alternatives

The size of a mans penis can be a sensitive issue, and the industry surrounding Penis enlargement is massive.
We are swamped with pills potions and methods of achieving a larger penis.

There is no such thing as a miracle pill, There are some very good (and very bad) pills on the market, its difficult to always know what ones to buy. The key to buying wisely is to do research, avoid manufacturers who make wild claims or do not clearly and openly advertise the ingredients in their pills, there are some out there that are quite literally filled with sawdust.

You do need to be carefull if you did get caught out by a scam by an unscrupulous trader, the last thing that you would want to do is to issue court proceedings especially when you have bought penis enlargement products, who would want to stand up in court to admit that!!

The best penis pills on the market contain natural ingredients that are known to have enhancement properties, one of these ingredients is pomegranate, its well documented that it can have effects similar to viagra and other synthetic prescription drugs. Its natural antioxidents also provide a good base to maintaining healthy blood flow and good general penis health.
One such tablet that contains pomegranate is Maleextra

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Can You Enlarge Your Penis With pills

The natural ingredients in the better quality pills (such as Male Extra)  certainly have an enhancing effect on your penis, but to be sure of good results, the most effective way is to perform penis exercises, they are an effective and safe painless way of increasing length and girth. They work well in conjunction with naturally based pills.

What is a Normal size

Most men however worry needlessly, the majority of men have penises that are between 5 and 7″ long which is perfectly normal and average, and its only when an erect penis is 3″ long or less that it is deemed small. Of course these small penises still function correctly and can still father children, but its the fun side of sex that is spoilt if the penis is on the small side. We all want to satisfy our partners, and being anxious about our size will have a direct effect on our performance in the bedroom.

Improve your Penis Without Pills

If you do feel that you would benefit from having a larger penis, then its worth considering a course of properly designed and approved Penis exercises.

One of these courses is supplied by PenisHealth The main website has many hints, tips and advice from what type of exercises are effective, different techniques, even down to any dietry advice and what underwear is best.

The other thing about Penis exercises is that they can enable you to control erectile problems and premature ejaculation, certainly worth considering if you are one of the many men who suffer silently.

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