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Victor Meldrew Loses 12lbs on 5:2 Fast Diet

One of the UK’s best loved actors has just lost 12 lbs in 5 weeks by following the 5:2 fast diet.

Richard Wilson – famous for playing characters such as Victor Meldrew in BBC’s One Foot In TheUnknown Grave must have uttered one of his most famous catchphrases for real when he lost an amazing amount of weight in just 5 weeks – he has been following the 5:2 fast diet – an eating plan devised by Dr and medical journalist Michael Mosley.

The plan is simple to follow – you can eat whatever you like for 5 days of the week and the remaining 2, you should fast ( reduce your calorie intake by 75%)

For a man, this means dropping the calories down from an average of 2500 to just 600 on fasting days. – Women who usually eat less (2000 calories per day) can only eat 500.

The 77 year old who has always weighed in at around 10st 4 lbs rocketed to 13st 4lbs and decided that he had to try and do something about it.

He joins the ranks of other TV starts such as Philip Schofield, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch and model Miranda Kerr who all used the 5:2 fast diet to great effect.

Richard admitted that he found dealing with the hunger pangs was difficult, but knowing that he could eat normally the following day spurred him on to great effect.

The 5:2 Fast diet has become one of the most popular diet plans of recent years, many people have found that it actually becomes a way of life, which in most cases mean that unlike many other diets, the weight actually stays off.

5:2 Fast Formula

5-2-fast-formula_zps1058981dWith the only real obstacle being hunger, the 5:2 fast diet is an amazing way to lose weight, to help battle this, UK weight loss specialists advanced health have formulated what is the first and only dedicated 5:2 fast diet supplement.

Called 5:2 Fast Formula, it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that replace any lost during fasting, its key ingredient however is a special dietary fibre called Konjac that helps keep our stomach feeling full for longer, stopping those hard to deal with hunger pangs and making the whole process that much easier to follow.

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