Penomet Penis Pump Review

Does The Penomet Penis Pump Work

What Is The Penomet Device

The Penomet device is a medically developed and approved method of helping those with erection problems, with regular use, it can also generate permanent penomet-ctapenis growth in both length and girth.

How Does The Penomet Device Work

Penomet works by subjecting the penis to a powerful, yet painless vacuum.

Developed to be used in the bath or shower, it uses water to help support the penis during the process.

As the penis is placed under a vacuum, the lack of air pressure (vacuum) in the device encourages blood to flow into the penis at an increased rate; the power of the blood flow is such that it brings on an erection that is larger, and usually visibly longer than usually experienced.

When the desired erection is reached, the device can be depressurised and removed quickly and easily, the erection will remain for some time, allowing the man to have sexual intercourse.

This is one of the most effective ways of helping those with problems getting or keeping erections.

Permanent Penis Growth

It is possible to attain a permanent increase in both length and girth, tests have showed that between 2 and 3” increase in length and a 30% increase in thickness is possible by using the device for just 20 minutes per day.

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How Does This Work

The body has a remarkable ability to grow, doctors worldwide have used traction to straighten and lengthen limbs for years, when the penis is placed under the vacuum and if it is kept under the pressure for around 20 minutes a day, the increased force of the blood flow rushing into the penis causes the internal cells to expand, eventually they will divide and duplicate, over a period of time this will generate increased mass to the penis resulting in permanent increases in both flaccid and erect length.

It works under the same principle that ancient tribal cultures use to lengthen or stretch their necks, lips and earlobes.

How Long Does The Process Take

For those looking to improve erection quality and power, they can look forward to seeing immediate results, it only takes a minute or so to generate a visibly larger, longer lasting erection.

Permanent enlargement will take time and commitment from the user, the body penometslide3responds slowly but steadily.  Initial growth of around ½” can often be seen after a couple of weeks, but to achieve maximum gains, you will need to use the device daily (or as often as possible) for between 4 and 6 months.

If you think of your penis as a muscle, when you go to the gym and work them hard, muscles will appear larger and ‘pumped’ , at first the increased bulk will revert back to normal, but with regular exercise, the increased size will gradually become permanent

Is Penomet Safe

There are horror stories about penis pumps that have left users with tissue damage, tears and even distortions after using these kinds of devices, these have often been caused by inferior air based pumps that offer no support to the penis during the operation having no built in safe guards or medical approvals.

It has been proven that devices that use water to support and protect the penis during the process are safe to use, the Penomet device is manufactured to ISO standards and is approved by medical experts worldwide.

Where Can I Get One

Due to the taboo nature of these kinds of devices, they are not yet available inbuy-Penomet main stream shops, currently buyers can only get genuine Penomet devices by ordering directly from the official website.

As far as penis enlargement device go, Penomet is one of the most affordable, with prices starting at $127 (which for buyers in the UK works out at £79.00)

Fully Guaranteed

The device is also protected by the longest cash back guarantee of any comparable vacuum device – buyers have 60 days to try the device and enjoy its benefits, if dissatisfied with the results, the device can be returned within a year of purchase for a full refund.

There are three packages to choose from, all contain the same device, but depending on the package chosen, buyers will receive accessories and extended warranties that can help and enhance the results.

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