Penis Pills – Do They Work

Do Penis Pills Work

The internet is packed full of products all claiming to be the #1 product for enlarging your penis, boosting erections and increasing sperm counts, the sad fact is that a large number of them are relatively ineffective, and to be honest a total waste of the buyers hard earned money.

The majority of them do actually use tried and tested ingredients that all have libido enhancing properties, the problem with most is that they only contain tiny traces or ‘proprietary blends’ of the ingredients, not enough of any ingredient in any one dose to have any real effect whatsoever.

What Can A Penis Pill Do For Me

Firstly, lets confirm what a penis pill Cannot Do – A pill on its own will not make your penis permanently bigger, this can only be achieved by using alongside special Penis Exercises , by using Penis Traction Devices or a combination of the two.

A Good Penis Pill Will However :

Maintain the health of the penis, it will increase the levels of nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels, allowing an increased flow of blood into the penis. This will provide a larger, and often more intense erection. With the increased amount of blood in the penis, it will appear thicker and possibly slightly longer,  giving an improved sensation leading to increased performance and more intense orgasms.

What Ingredients Should I Look Out For

One of the most effective ingredients is Pomegranate 70% ellagic acid, this is often referred to as Natures Viagra. It offers similar effects to the prescription pill ‘viagra’, but without the nasty side effects linked to this drug.

Other ingredients to lookout for include L-Arginine, and Epimedium.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that creates high levels of the erection enhancing Nitric oxide as it is broken down, it has been proven as one of the most effective erection enhancing ingredients available.

Epimedium (also commonly known as horny goats weed) is a thousand year old ancient Chinese herb renowned for boosting natural testosterone releasers, – essential for an effective sex drive.

Other ingredients to look out for include TongKat Ali and Flax seed.

The good things about products using these ingredients is that being natural herb or plant based, they will give absolutely no side effects.

Can You Recommend A Penis Pill That Works

From all the Penis pills available, one such product that stands head and shoulders above all others is Male Extra.

Male Extra uses a powerful mix of these and other power packed ingredients, all proven to boost sex drive, erection size and strength and improved orgasms.

Unlike others, the makers of Male Extra do not use weak ‘proprietary blends’ of these ingredients, they use high doses of each compound to ensure the best possible benefits can be achieved by taking Male Extra.

The full list of the ingredients found in MaleExtra along with the exact quantities in every dose are detailed on the highly informative website.

Read About The Ingredients In Male Extra

Buyers can be assured that in buying Male Extra, they are investing in a powerful, proven and more importantly safe product that delivers on its promises.

Don’t Get Caught Out By Inferior Pills

You can buy Male Extra with confidence, each purchase is protected by a full and no quibble 90 day cash back guarantee.. The makers simply say “Try Male Extra, if it doesn’t work for you as we know it can, simply return any unused product and we will give a full refund.”

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