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Did Testo Fuel Work For Me

My name Is Paul and I am the editor of Mens Health Review

I am now 60 and have been a dedicated gym goer for the past eleven years and Unknownlate last year decided that I wanted to try and really increase my muscle mass.

I am getting slightly older and didn’t want to look puny in my middle age.

I have always been sporty and in my youth used to swim competitively, my body has never been that bad… but as I have got older I have not done so much sport, and I have noticed that the muscle tone and size just wasn’t there any more, and to be honest –  I missed it..

The turning point for me came when my wife kept on saying that she missed my muscles too.

Call it vanity, but I decided that I would have a go and try to build my muscles up once more.

I have a gym in my apartment block so I had no excuse – The gym was there for me to use and I decided that I would give it a go.

A lot of sports and body building forums spoke about using testosterone boosters to help produce increases in muscle mass and strength.

I started looking into these supplements and discovered that a good testosterone booster can not only help to make your muscles larger, they can also help increase strength, help promote good sleep patterns and best of all (a fantastic bonus as far as I was concerned) give a powerful boost to sex drive.

So What Testosterone Booster did I Choose….

I came across Testo Fuel on a body building forum, after reading about it I decided to buy 4 months supply and give it a go.

Testo Fuel

2014-11-04 09.45.54For those of you that haven’t come across Testo Fuel I will tell you what I discovered.

Your body needs testosterone to boost muscle mass, as you get older, your natural levels deplete and you need a testosterone boosting supplement to encourage your body to make more of this hormone.

Natural ingredients are the best because in the main they don’t usually cause any side effects.

Testofuel Official Website

I discovered that Testo Fuel was made from 4 key ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone levels:

Oyster Extract – Oysters contain more zinc than lean beef steak, zinc is crucial to the male body for many purposes, muscle tone and sex drive are two examples. Oysters are proven to be the most effective natural product for boosting testosterone.

Ginseng – A well know supplement, tried and tested, it has been shown to increase testosterone and sex drive and forms the basis of many male supplements.

D-Aspartic Acid – Crucial amino acid that is important for semen production and general sex hormone production – proved in clinical research to enhance luteinizing hormone and testosterone by up to 45% in around 14 days

Fenugreek – natural herb commonly used in cooking – increases natural testosterone production naturally.

My Experience using Testo Fuel

I am 3 months into my 4 month period and I have to say that I am amazed at the results so far. I am seeing some nice gains in muscle mass and strength, at first I used to struggle with my lifts, but now it seems to be getting easier every time I workout.

2014-11-04 11.02.10Although it wasn’t bad to start with, My whole body shape has changed for the better;

My arms and chest now look like they did when I was at my swimming peak. I am stronger and look more defined,  I have lost some excess body fat (which is another benefit of increased testosterone levels) my clothes look better on me. Best of all, my sex drive has gone through the roof –

I bought Testo Fuel from the official site – this is the only downside as far as I am concerned – you can’t buy Testo Fuel from local shops, it is only available online but this does bring other benefits…

Something else about buying Testo fuel direct is that the makers actually guarantee their product and give buyers a 90 day cash back guarantee – I have yet to come across another testosterone booster that has this guarantee, and it means that if you buy Testo Fuel and find that it doesn’t work for you, you can return any unused pills for a full refund.


My Package (3 months with one month free) Cost me $209.00 (about £119) – a saving of $105 against buying seperately but you can start off with a months supply for $69.00 (£39.00)

I Can Wholeheartedly Recommend Testo Fuel …

Go To The Official TestoFuel Website


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