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Male Edge – Effective Penis Enlargement Without Denting Your Wallet

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It’s a proven fact that at least 50% of all men worldwide are unhappy with the size of their penis.

It’s amazing that with this statistic, that the subject of penis enlargement is still considered very much taboo.  Another fact is that it is not just men with small penises that crave enlargement, those with average sized penises always want more….

Best Way To Lengthen Your Penis

There have choices available to men wishing to enlarge their penis, penile surgery being one of the more established procedures. It is an invasive procedure that involves grafts or implants and yet has failed to deliver much success or satisfactory results for many of the patients involved.

Surgery is also an option that has been used to treat penile curvature (Peyronies disease) but only a few procedures are ever totally successful.

The BBC – who normally keep away from some such subjects, made the following statement in a recent rare news article:

 “We now know that the majority of these patients are dissatisfied with these procedures, research should be directed at non surgical options”

 Penis Traction Device

 Danish company Danamedic studied the problem of non surgical male enlargement, and some 15 years ago developed the worlds first ever commercially available purpose built penis extender.

This product was called Jes Extender and since its launch, it has helped over 250,000 men worldwide to get a longer penis and straighten penile curvature.

How Do Penis Traction Devices Work


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The body has a remarkable ability to grow or regenerate, we have all heard of traction being used by doctors worldwide to straighten or lengthen injured or stunted limbs, other cases of traction being used to lengthen body parts can be seen in various tribal cultures who use traction to elongate their necks, lips and ear lobes.

It’s a simple process, by placing a gentle, yet firm pulling pressure along the length of the penis, the internal cells divide, and multiply, producing new skin cells and blood vessels. This (over time) will result in a longer, usually thicker penis.

The Male Edge Device

 Working on the success of the Jes Extender, Danamedic wanted to improve on their original design. Their brief to the designers was to make the new second generation device, lighter, and easier to wear with a more contemporary look and feel.

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 The resulting device was the Male Edge, it ticks all the boxes and has delivered on the manufacturers brief. It boats the highest pressure settings of any comparable product, and is the lightest and most comfortable device to wear even for extended periods of time.

The Male Edge range is made up of three models, all boasting the highest specification without the high price tag normally associated with these types of devices.

Male Edge is suitable for all shapes and sizes of penises, and has been clinically proven to not only lengthen the wearer’s penis, but it will also correct penile curvature in most cases.

Highest Quality At Affordable Prices

 Male Edge is one of the most affordable extenders available prices start at €129 (£111) for the ‘basic device’ and the prices rise to the top of the range ‘Professional System’ which sells for €169 (£145)

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Unique Double Money Back Guarantee

Male Edge are so confident that you will benefit from using their product that they offer an amazing guarantee – If you buy and use the male edge device as directed, they will refund double your purchase price if you fail to see any improvement in length.

Where To Buy Male Edge

 The Male Edge system can be ordered direct from the manufacturers from the official website. Orders are shipped worldwide quickly and discreetly

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