How To Boost Your Muscles

Eating To Build Muscle

If your serious about toning and building your muscles, then eating the right diet is a must.  Supplements, weight training and other muscle building exercises are all well and good, but to get the optimum results without compromising your health, you have to eat the right foods.

What are the right foods

Calorie intake has to be correct.  Regular training needs regular feeding and if you aren’t eating theHighest-Protein-Content-Food right amount training will suffer along with your health.  Eating lean meats such as chicken, turkey, veal and sirloin will give you high levels of protein without fat content.

These protein rich foods help to keep your appetite at bay and reduce the  risk of you snacking between meals.  Too many calories will hamper your training efforts.  Other foods to include are nuts, pulses, beans and fish.  Healthy eating can be expensive, (depending on where you buy the meats etc from), but the benefits far outweight the cost.

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Healthy Eating = Healthy Heart

Studies have proven that a lean diet can help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Blood pressure is lowered and cholesterol levels are lower.  The less fat in your diet the less likely you are of developing conditions associated with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Proteins To Avoid

bodybuildingAlthough protein is an important part of our every day diet.  Some are not so good for you, such as, full fat dairy products, processed meats, bacon and other cheaper cuts of meat.  You are more likely to gain weight and increase levels of cholesterol.  These food types encourage bad cholesterol. You need to cut back on these in your diet to achieve maximum results.

How Much Protein Do You Need

The recommended daily allowance of protein for bodybuilders and athletes are 0.5 to 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight.   After a thorough workout we need to replenish the proteins to enable us to repair and rebuild our muscles.  Our bones, muscle, skin and blood are made up of protein.  It makes perfect sense that we need to replace the supply regularly.

Increasing your stamina along with the loss of any excess fat will greatly enhance your efforts in the perfect body.  With the added bonus of a healthier heart says it all and you are on your way to physique you want.

Taking Supplements To Boost Results

Supplements are also beneficial in achieving maximum success. Natural supplements in particular are really worth looking in to as they have all the benefits without the side effects.

My Story

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