How Do Penis Pills Work

Penis Pills – How Do They Work

The penis is made up of spongy blood vessels called corpova cavernosa, these are the reservoirs that retain blood while the penis is in an erect state.

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As an erection occurs, these reservoirs fill with blood which makes the penis increase in size and hardness. these chambers then retain the blood keeping the penis erect usually until orgasm occurs when the blood is released back from the vessels into the main bloodstream.

The size of the erection is basically dependant on how much blood is held in these chambers, the more blood flowing into the penis’ blood vessels, the bigger and harder the erection.

Penis pills can help this process by improving two processes:

  • The amount of blood that flows into the penis
  • The force of the bloodflow into the penis.

Penis Enlargement pills act to stimulate an increased bloodflow into the bloodvessels of the penis during arousal, this increased bloodflow will enable the bloodvessels to swell and expand allowing them to hold more blood. This increases erection size and helps to maintain the erection for longer.

These pills can be combined with special penis exercises which will actually help the chambers to grow, as they expand and enlarge, they can actually help the penis increase in length and girth.

Many experts do believe that penis pills cannot make a penis larger on their own, that their effects are shortlived. However when taken in conjunction with special penis exercises such as the ones devised by Penis Health, these pills can in fact encourage permanent penile growth.

Penis Pills offer many benefits; higher sexual stamina, improved and large erections, increased ejaculations and a happier partner.

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