Do Your Yellow Teeth Embarrass You

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Image is everything these days, first impressions on you and your appearance reflect in every aspect of your life, this is just as important whether its in the business world or your personal life.

Personality is important, the right clothes crucial and your overall appearance can dictate your success at all levels.

yellow teeth There is no doubt that first impressions count and there is nothing more off putting than a dull yellow smile, cause by stained teeth

For some lucky people, this is not a problem, they are lucky enough to have natural gleaming white teeth, for the majority of us who are not that lucky, and we need some external help to get that ‘Hollywood smile’

Professional teeth whitening has been around for a while, in fact in every town there is bound to be at least one dental surgery or salon that offers teeth whitening as a service. The main issue with these treatments is the cost, at around £200 per session, they are without doubt expensive and quite time consuming. The other problems with these treatments are that they are not permanent, and require repeated treatments a couple of times a year.

Whiten Your Teeth At Home

teeth whitening before and afterThe development of home teeth whitening kits has been a godsend to many thousands of consumers worldwide, but where do you buy them, and what do you look for? Also are they safe, do they have any side effects?

Safe Teeth Whitening With Dental White

There is only really one main possible side effects from teeth whitening, and that is sensitivity of the teeth and gums. This is down to the strength of the whitening gel.

The general thought is that the stronger the gel, the better the whitening effects, this is actually not totally untrue, a stronger gel will definitely whiten teeth quicker than a gentler formulation, but these are known to cause sensitivity of the teeth and gums.

Gels usually range from around 8% concentration up to 35%, The FDA who monitor and approve health products in the USA have deemed any gels up to and including 16% as safe and in most cases side effect free, any gels over 16% are not approved, and should not be considered safe or side effect free.

Can You Recommend Any Kit


One home whitening it to consider is Dental White, originally developed in the USA some 15 years ago, used bysmile4you dental white uk thousands of consumers worldwide, and also the choice of many professional dental surgeons, it has grown to be the worlds top selling home kit currently available.

Dental White is currently the only kit to have full and complete FDA approval, it uses an approved Carbamide peroxide whitening gel at 16% strength.

Smile4You display their FDA certificate on their website – something that no other company can do.

Dental White is sold throughout the UK and Europe by UK based Smile4You.

The Smile4you kit contains everything required for effective teeth whitening, sufficient gel for up to 240 treatments (the largest quantity of gel found in any whitening kit) customisable teeth application trays, application syringe, and full detailed instructions

The Kit is simple to use and it takes just 30 minutes to get to work. Your teeth can be whitened by up to 11 shades within 14 days; results will vary from users to user and this will be dependant on the original teeth condition, colour and residual amount of staining.

The pack has a shelf life of two years, so re-application can be done at any time.

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