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Profollica is the number 1 Hair regrowth product from the USA, A rare product, proven to work that stands out from the many hairloss products out there.

How Does Profollica Work

Different to many hair regrowth products that simply work by just purifying and cleaning the scalp Profollica uses a unique medically devised formula that has been devised to actually tackle the direct cause of mens hair loss.

This is often caused by excess levels of DHT.

What is DHT

DHT ( full name dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone not unlike testosterone that is made by the body. When present in high amounts, it actually poisons the hair follicles. They often shrink as a result and eventually if left unchecked will stop hair production completely.

How Does Profollica Work

Profollica is designed to reduce the production of DHT and enable you to regain your hair.

However, encouraging hair regrowth is more than simply reducing DHT, it is crucial to recreate the conditions that are best to encourage hair regrowth.

Profollica is based on a proven three stage system to encourage  strong hair re-growth

Step 1 — Halts The Production of Excess DHT A daily supplement that provides the body with a patented, clinically approved formula based on only 100% natural herbal ingredients.

Step 2 — Cuts out Harmful Scalp Bacteria using a scalp purifying shampoo that helps to effectively eliminate certain serious scalp issues such as dandruff, psoriasis, oily hair, itchy scalp and MORE!

Step 3 — Promotes Fast, Healthy Growth Using the follicle stimulator ( The Activator Gel), this is applied to the roots of the hair following every shampoo.

The majority of users have reported that their hair usually begins to grow back within 30 days of use, however significant results are usually seen after 60 days of use!

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Profollica is a safe, clinically approved and highly affordable alternative to spending upwards of £15,000 on hair replacement surgery, and for your peace of mind, every purchase is risk free – The manufacturers are so confident that their product will work for you that they give all purchasers a full 60 day cash refund.

They pledge that if after buying and trying Profollica for 60 days you find that it doesn’t work for you,  they will refund your purchase price without any questions

The manufacturers ship securely and discreetly worldwide.

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