The Top Four Penis Enhancement Products

How Does MaleExtra Compare ?

The Internet is crammed with numerous products offering men the chance to enhance or enlarge their penis and improve their performance. A few are marketed by unscrupulous traders who offer no real guarantees, or any medical evidence that their products actually works

With this in mind, its important to be able to buy a product such as MaleExtra that has actually been tested,  and also that it comes with a full money back guarantee.

We have evaluated four of the most popular enhancement products available and compared them on their effectiveness, details of the doseage and basically what you get for your money along with their guarantee details.

The four products that we have evaluated are:

MaleExtra male extra

VigRX vigrx Vimax vimax pack shot

Prosolutionpro solution

What do They do for me

MaleExtra     VigRX    Prosolution    Vimax

  1. Harder erections            Yes Yes              Yes              Yes
  2. Increased Sex Drive        Yes Yes              Yes              Yes
  3. Improved Orgasms          Yes Yes              Yes              Yes
  4. Increased Bloodflow        Yes Yes              Yes              Yes
  5. Larger Ejaculations         Yes Yes               No                  No
  6. Larger Penis                  Yes No                   No Yes

Male Extra includes ingredients that increase ejaculation amounts, included in with the pack are Performer5 and Vit5 which both work to increase semen levels

Vimax actually claim that taking their Pills can attain an extra 3 – 4 inches in length, We find this hard to believe as its pretty impossible to enlarge your penis by pills alone. MaleExtra provide PenisHealth along with their pills and this has been proven to work.

Whats in Each Tablet

    Pills Per Dose –  Malextra  3 Vigrx  2   Prosolution  2  Vimax 1
    mg Per Dose –  Maleextra 15000mg Vigrx 1440mg    Prosolution 1457mg    Vimax 250mg

Compare the value of your purchase

Judging the cost like for like over one months supply is easy, but in some cases a single months supply contains nearly 65% less. This means that results take longer to achieve and the cheaper price suddenly becomes more expensive

1 Month Order

Per Box –

  • MaleExtra £48.77
  • vigRX £46.96
  • Prosoloution £48.19
  • Vimax £36.57
Per Pill –
  • Male Extra £0.54
  • Vigrx £0.78 
  • Prosolution £0.80
  • Vimax £1.21
Shipping Costs-
  • Male Extra Free
  • Vigrx Free
  • Prosolution Free
  • Vimax £9.12

3 Month order

Per Box

  • MaleExtra   £121.36
  • vigRX £125.65
  • Prosolution £115.26
  • Vimax £94.52

Per Pill

  • Maleextra  £0.45
  • VigRX £0.70
  • Prosolution £0.64
  • Vimax £1.05

Shipping Costs

  • MaleExtra Free
  • VigRX  Free
  • Prosolution Free
  • Vimax £ 9.12

prices as at Dec 09

Compare The Competitors Guarantees

Most suppliers of penis enhancement products make you take their products for a minimum of 60 days before considering returns and refunds,

some others will only give guarantees if you order their most expensive packs. Others actually do not even offer any guarantee whatsoever!.

Make sure you read all the disclaimers etc on their sites before commiting to buy.

  • Malextra Minimum Use –  Nill, Return within 120 days on ALL order values
  • vigRX Minimum 60 days use , return with 7 days, on 2 months supply
  • Prosolution Minimum 90 days use, return within 90 days, on 3 months supply
  • Vimex Minimum use Nill, Return within 60 days, on All order values

View MaleExtra Guarantee male extra

To Sum up.

There are many products out there, and there is no doubt that most if not all would have some enhancement effect on your penis.

Taking all that into account we would wholeheartedly recommend MaleExtra as the product to buy.

It is natural, you know whats in each pill so you can be confident that it is good for you, It is a British based company, selling a wonderful product.

The guarantees are there for all to see so you can trust it, and quite simply – IT WORKS!!.

90 day trial

To Us There is no real choice to make, if you are looking for penis enhancement – Order MALEEXTRA today

The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended in any way to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.