Craig Revel Horwood Man Boobs


Strictly Come Dancing Judge has Boob Job


Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood has revealed that he has had surgery to remove his man boobs (aka moobs)

craig revel horwood man boobsThe Mean Hearted Dancing Judge spent over £3000 on having a male breast reduction operation after he found that his man boobs were effecting his dancing.

He told Daily Mirror Newspaper that he “couldn’t cha-cha-cha without them jigging in his face”

The surgery has taken him from a rather feminine ‘C’cup to a more manly ‘A’ cup

He said “I was so fed up with having boobs that I had them removed and I feel fabulous”

The surgery, carried out under a local anaesthetic took two hours and involved excess fat being sucked out by liposuction through the lower half of his nipples.

It’s not the first time Craig has had cosmetic surgery, when 18, he underwent a nose job.

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