Prince William Hairloss

Should Prince William Take Propecia

Recent news reports tell us that Teen Idol Justin Bieber has made a controversial remark about our prince william hair lossfuture King Prince William. Bieber has suggested that William should start taking the hair loss drug Propecia to stop his impending hairloss.

Although the remark was evidently made in jest during an interview with a music magazine, a respected hairloss surgeon has added his thoughts, buy telling us that in his opinion, William will be bald by the time he reaches 40 years old.

He too has suggested that Propecia could help the heir by stopping his current rate of hairloss, but added that it wouldn’t help restore his lost hair.

The surgeon – a Dr Shahmalak from Manchester told us that William would have to take Propecia for the rest of his life. The doctor who has also carried out hair transplants on a number of celebrities including Channel fours’ Dr Christian Jessen added that the prince, now 30, would be totally bald on the top of his head by 40 if he didn’t act now.

The Royal hairloss is genetic, both his father Prince Charles and paternal grandfather The Duke Of Edinburgh suffer from hairloss.

What Is Propecia

propecia side effectsPropecia is the worlds only licenced hair loss tablet in the world that actually helps to retain existing hair. It is not currently available on the NHS and can only be obtained by private prescription costing between £800 and £1000 per year.

It has been linked to some quite unpleasant side effects, that include but are not limited to :

erection and fertility problems, reduced sex drive, gynaecomastia (man boobs) and also premature ejaculation.

Alternative Treatments

Hair Transplant

Dr Shahmalak described the other alternative to Propecia – he suggested that William could have a hair transplant, and told us that he would need between 3000 and 4000 hairs harvested from the back of his scalp and grafted back on the top of his head.

This is the same treatment that footballer Wayne Rooney had and costs around £20,000.


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