Bathmate Vs Penomet

Which Is Best Out Of Bathmate And Penomet

Vacuum devices are generally considered an effective, affordable and safe way to improve erections and generate penis growth.

What Are Vacuum Devices

Vacuum devices generally consist of a balloon or bell shaped container that is fitted with a pump or valve that helps to remove the air and generate the vacuum inside, most have a rubber seal that makes contact with the groin to form an air tight seal.

The idea behind a vacuum pump is that once placed over the penis, the device bathmate-hydropumpis pumped to expel the air to form a vacuum inside. This vacuum acts on the penis by drawing blood flow into the soft tissues and blood vessels to generate an erection.

The pressure of the blood flow is generally higher than normal and this pressure works in two ways – firstly, erections generated by the use of a pump tend to be visibly larger and longer lasting – this makes them perfect for men suffering with erectile dysfunction.

The increased blood flow places pressure on the internal cells of the penis, the cells react to the pressure by stretching, dividing and duplicating which in turn helps to increase the mass of the penis. This can over time result in increased penis length and thickness.

Penomet Review    |  Bathmate Review

There are basically two types of vacuum device, those that use air and others that use water.

The water based pumps (also called hydropumps) are generally considered to be safer and more effective. Air based pumps can be easy to over pressurise and have been known in the past to cause cellular damage and distortions to the users penis.

Water based pumps are generally designed to be used in the bath or shower, the water inside the device helps to support and protect the penis during the operation.

Experts also feel that the warmth of the bath or shower helps to relax the tissues (and the user) helping to improve the function and results gained by using a pump.

Bathmate And Penomet

Two of the most popular devices are the ones made by Bathmate and Penomet, both are hydropumps, and look and work in a similar fashion.

penomet-ctaDifferences Between Bathmate And Penomet

Both devices offer similar results, in many ways there is nothing much to separate them, they cost around the same amount and to be honest, whatever device you choose from the two, they will both help with erection problems and generate permanent growth.

There are a couple of differences that causes us to recommend one over the other ..

Working Pressures And Results

Bathmate comes with just one pressure setting

Penomet comes with choice of up to 5 interchangeable pressure gaiters (depending on package) that offer ever increasing pressure ranges that provides a steady increase in growth and erectile function. – essential for maximum results



Bathmate is sold with generally either a 30 day cash back guarantee (depending on the seller)

Penomet is sold with a full 60 days cash back guarantee – the longest guarantee of any comparable enhancement device and 2x times that of Bathmate..


Bathmate is available from its worldwide distributor, prices start from £99.99 ($160.61)

Penomet is sold directly from the manufacturer’s official website, it starts at £79.00 ($127) for the entry level model, rising to £185.00 ($297) for the top of the range ultimate system

Our Thoughts

There is no doubt that both devices will generate improved erections and in time permanent increase in length.

We do feel that Penomet offers more, its slightly cheaper, has an amazing guarantee and the addition of the interchangeable gaiters and the resulting pressure settings help to give this device the edge over Bathmate.

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