Acai Berry Can Improve Your Health


Acai Berry health products

A lot of people have heard of the Acai berry and its health benefits. It has been widely publised by health supplement companies who claim it to be one of the ‘superfoods’ that can aid with general well being, weight loss and anti ageing. It is also used in some cosmetic and beauty products.

 Acai berry – what is it?

Growing in the Amazon area of south America it is a dark red/purple fruit. it is the produce of the acai palm tree (called Euterpe Oleracea) it is very similar to the cranberry and blue berry.

Clinical studies on the Acai have highlighted its extremely high level of natural antioxidants and the fact that these work in the body to help reduce oxidative stress induced diseases like certain cancers and cardiac disease.

Is the Acai Berry good for us?

acai handful 1The Acai Berry is found to have quaniities of antioxidants named anthocyanins and flavonoids.

These antioxidants work to powerfully protect the body against lifes stresses. they also will help protect the bodies cells.

The body produces harmfull products known as free radicals which attack our cells. These antioxidants disperse these free radicals which should then help slow the natural ageing process and assist the bodies natural resistance to certain diseases

By reducing the damage caused by free radicals, these antioxidants should help cut the risk of  heart disease and some cancers.

man losing weightCan acai berries boost weight loss?

Its thought that with the cleasning effect on the body, toxins that are usually held in fat reserves are removed from the body, thus helping the body to metabolise the food more effciently, less fat is stored and the result is a reductio in weight.

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Do acai berries and acai juice have any side effects?

Acai are similar to other fruit types in many ways, if you have ever suffered from allergy to other fruit or pollen from fruit trees it might be wise to avoid this product.  However in the main when eaten in sensible quantities or as a supplement Acai Berry is safe for both Men and Women to take.

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