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Increase Penis Length By Using Penis Pills

There are a lot of ways to get a longer or thicker Penis, A really confusing amount of different pills, appliances and potions are available for today’s men to buy.

Men believe that being bigger ‘downstairs’ will provide them with more confidence in the bedroom, they will have the ability to satisfy their partners and generally feel much better about themselves

So what is the best way of achieving the penis that we want?


We have looked at the various methods available and in this article discuss Penis Enhancement Pills

Penis Pills

Penis enhancement pills are one of the more modern approaches to Penis enlargement, there are many different preparations available to buy, they all promise miraculous results, so what should we take?

We have looked at three of the most popular Penis Enhancement Pills available to buy today, they are:

  • Vigrx
  • Male Extra
  • Prosolution

These are our findings:


Possibly the better known of the three in the UK. Vigrx offers users a natural mix of herb extracts that do have vigrxrecognised enhancement qualities.

Users take 2 tablets a day, one morning and one evening, the manufacturers state that effects should become apparent after about 4 weeks, usually the first sign is a thickening of the penis. From weeks 4 – 8, an increase in length should start to be visible. The manufacturers recommend that VigRx should be taken for at least for at least 3 months to get the full benefit of the product.

The product offers no known major or adverse side effects, however that said a handful of users have reported very mild and short lived periods of hot flushes.

VigRx has now been improved with added ingredients, the new product VigRx Plus can be purchased directly from the official UK Website a months supply starts at £51.00

All orders are shipped in discreet packaging and a list of different delivery options is available.

They offer a full 67 day cash back guarantee on all purchases

Get Vigrx Plus – Visit Official UK Website

Male Extra

maleextraMaleExtra is most certainly an up and coming product, the manufacturers have a well written, informative website detailing every aspect about their product, they offer clinical research, testimonials and are very up front about every aspect of these pills. The pills are 100% totally natural including some of the most powerful enhancement ingredients including l-arginine and a huge dose of Pomegranate ellagic acid which as we all know is also known as ‘natures Viagra’.

Users can expect some very good results including up to 3” gain in length and at least a 1” increase in girth, along with enhanced erections and greatly increased staying power.

The manufacturers of MaleExtra are so confident in their product that they offer all users a full 180 day no quibble cash back guarantee. This is actually the best guarantee that we could find.

Male Extra is slightly more expensive when buying just a months course at £50.13, but they do offer great discounts when buying 2 or more months supply.

Shipping is free of charge and discreet. They ship worldwide and also offer various free bonus items depending on order value including access to specialist penis exercises, DVD’s and other useful items.

Visit Maleextra Website

Prosolution Pills

American based Prosolution pills are another 100% natural enhancement pillprosolution

Their website is bright and offers medical endorsements, copies of hand written customer testimonials and a detailed ingredient list (which even includes seaweed)

They do offer a money back guarantee but you have to have used Prosolution for at least 90 straight days, and they do make various deductions for shipping costs.

From what we could find from our research, the general increase in length claimed by users of Prosolution does not seem to match the ones achieved with MaleExtra and to a lesser extent Vigrx.

As a comparison, they offer a months supply for $78.95 but as with all these suppliers, the more months supply you order, the cheaper they become.

Different delivery options and costs are available.

Prosolution can be bought direct from the manufacturers who ship worldwide

Visit Prosolution Website

What Is The Best Enhancement Pill

We have no doubt that all of these products do work; all offer testimonials, endorsements and other valuable information. We do feel that if pushed we would choose UK Based MaleExtra, their website is (we feel) the most informative, they are very confident and open about their product, and they offer the best guarantee by a mile which is totally risk free and should give any buyer total peace of mind.

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