What Are Man Boobs

Keeping Abreast Of Man Boobs

Men can often develop the appearance of feminine breasts, quite shockingly around 33% of all men develop them to some degree and in some cases they 962387_origcan be a sign of a more serious health issue.

Let’s get the matter straight, man boobs are not caused by being overweight, yes its true that men who gain weight can build extra fat in and around their chest area, but this can usually be reduced by dieting and exercise.


Man boobs (proper name Gynaecomastia) are caused when an imbalance of sexual hormones occurs, most commonly a reduction in the male sex hormone testosterone.

Testosterone and other male hormones tend to deplete with age, this can result in a growth of excess breast tissue. It can also occur during puberty and as a side effect of certain diseases including liver cirrhosis, testicular cancer and thyroid problems. It can also be a side effect of certain medication that include dogoxin, amiodarone, and amlodipine (for high blood pressure) along with certain treatments for prostate problems.

Can Gynaecomastia Be Treated

man-chest-fat-10032011-medium_newSevere cases can often need surgical intervention, however the majority of cases of Gynaecomastia can be treated with products that redress the hormonal imbalance.

There have been tests and trials that use the cancer drug tamoxifen with varied results, there are also some more natural based supplements that have shown great results.

One of these is called Gynexin, developed in the USA by pharmaceutical company Zudker. Gynexin is a 100% natural based daily supplement that works in conjunction with your natural hormones to naturally reduce the excess fatty tissue, tightening and smoothing the chest area.

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