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Zinc Will Make You Fertile

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Just reported today in The Sun newspaper that a 74 year old man has become Britain’s oldest dad, his younger wife has just given birth to a bouncing baby son named Ryan.

bananaWhen asked his secret, Gerry Burks puts it down to his daily intake of Zinc from eating bananas which is well known to improve virility and potency.

Aside from bananas, (As not everybody likes them)  Zinc can be sourced from supplements, one very effective male health supplement is Performer5,  This is a specialist supplement that contains many natural ingredients including a high volume of zinc that is designed to boost the male semen volume and improve virility and sex drive.

Regular doses of performer5 are clinically proven to increase the volume and quality of semen by up to 500% and will also help with any erectile problems and impotence.

Performer5 can be purchased online direct from the manufacturers highly informative websitep5

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